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Call us on 011 544 7950 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all your Diesel, Biodiesel and Used Cooking Oil Collection requirements


LeanerGreenerFleet is a Black Women Owned and Managed Non Refining Petroleum Wholesaler and Biodiesel Manufacturer

We are an innovative green company specialising in the manufacturing of biodiesel, used cooking oil collection and consulting services.

Our pride, since our inception in 2013, is our professionalism and good quality service which have earned us reputable clients and partners, in both the private and public sectors.


“To be the service provider and partner of choice to companies running diesel engines and generators by providing high quality biodiesel while promoting the national goals of sustainable employment,  safety and environmental responsibility.”

Our Mission


  • Provide innovative alternative fuel products and services in line with our clients' needs
  • To promote a clean, sustainable energy future
  • Creating and maintaining strategic long term stakeholder relations that are mutually beneficial

Why it makes sense to do business with LeanerGreenerFleet?

LeanerGreenerFleet delivers alternative fuel and cost savings you can depend on.

We have a strong footprint in renewable fuel distribution to help South African companies, mining equipment operators, trucking businesses and owner operators determine the path to the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring that they meet their sustainability goals.

We make meaning by helping trucking companies reduce the cost of doing business so that with our help they can improve their profitability while meeting their sustainability goals.

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