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we save you money

LeanerGreenerFleet management expertise, knowledge and experience combined with  business intelligence reporting is a value add which can contribute to more effective strategic management and execution.

Using the management by exception principle, LeanerGreenerFleet collate this information into a fleet management score-card to allow clients to focus on the critical elements that require interventions. We therefore offer our clients expertise and the fleet management solution that can analyse data and identify the key performance areas that inhibit clients from optimally running their fleet.

We have the ability to work together with the client to evaluate the data, analyse the impact on critical performance areas and recommend interventions to the fleet owner that have significant cost saving and productivity improvement implications.

LeanerGreenerFleet helps customers understand how all aspects of fleet operation can work in synergy to achieve positive economic outcomes while being environmentally responsible.

A member of the LeanerGreenerFleet business development team will work jointly with the customer to create and implement a strategic fleet management plan that optimises each vehicle's lifecycle to achieve the lowest total cost of ownrship and advance business sustainability goals.

We will support the customer in interpreting all the key factors of fleet management in order to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce environmental impact and lower fleet  operating costs. We conduct fleet audits periodically and present a new perspective to customers so that they view the interconnectivity of all aspects of fleet management, from operating cost to new technologies, government regulation, carbon emission tax treatment, fuel economy improvements, as well as current and projected equipment resale market trends.

By implementing and utilizing our proposed solution, we assist customers to lower the total cost of ownership and increase fleet productivity.  Our team comprises of:

  • Transport Economists who monitor and analysetrends in the vehicle and transportation industry. This is critical to making strategic and tactical decisions regarding fleet management.
  • Business Developers who have experience in driving revenue, profit, process, and performance improvements in SME environments.
  • Sustainability experts who advise on the reduction of emissions in the fleet management process, alternative sources of energy for the fleet and green house gas emission mitigating strategies.

LeanerGreenerFleet sustains its competitive advantage as follows:


We offer support service excellence and continue to be differentiated from competitors by bringing current industry knowledge in areas such as fleet life cycle cost reduction, driver expediency and environmental sustainability. 


  • Reduce overall total cost of fleet ownership by becoming the strategic partner and trusted adviser of our customers.
  • We make meaning through creating fleet management sustainability and profitability. Our mantra is savings and efficiencies you can depend on.

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